How To Seal Grout

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Any stone or tile surface that is made up of separate pieces will use grout to make the surface look and feel more level. Grout also protects the edges of individual pieces. Grout is extremely important to the structural integrity of any tile floor, no matter how big or small the tiles are. However, grout is also the most vulnerable part of any floor. Proper maintenance of a your grout lines will protect and preserve your floor. This article explains proper grout maintenance techniques.

Keep It Clean

Your first goal should be to always keep your grout lines as clean as possible. Dirt, bacteria, soap scum, and mold can cause grout to deteriorate over time. The problem is that grout is absorbent, so it can be a little hard to clean it. When grout absorbs all of this dirt, it can also start to change colors. Vacuuming or sweeping your floor probably won't remove everything from the grout. As a result, you often just need to get down on your hands and knees to physically scrub the grout clean. This can be laborious and exhausting, but it is important if you want to keep your grout lines as clean as possible.

Keep it Sealed

No matter how well you clean your grout lines, they will need to be resealed every few years. In fact, cleaning your grout lines too frequently and vigorously can actually remove the top layer of sealant, making your grout more vulnerable. But, you should still scrub your grout clean when necessary. This just means that you also need to keep it sealed. Grout sealant only needs to be applied about once every five years.

The process of applying grout sealant is very simple, if a little expensive. The goal is to pour the sealant directly onto the grout, very liberally. Then, use a large rag to spread it around. You want to spread it around to make sure there are no puddles or pools. Then, you let the sealant settle and dry for a few hours. The sealant will leave behind a thin haze. You can rub away the haze using a dry rag. You should always apply at least two coats. Make sure you rub away the haze before applying the next coat.

With sealed and clean grout lines, you stone or tile floor is going to last longer and look better. To learn more, contact a grout contractor at a company like Superior Grout.

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