Are You Planning To Enclose Your Patio?

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Have you decided that your patio will be of more use to you if you enclose it? Perhaps you live in an area that receives a lot of inclement weather. For example, you might live in a climate that has very short summers where you don't get to entertain outside very often. It might be that you want to create an additional living area inside, where you and your family can spend time together in an outdoor setting, even while you are actually indoors. If that's the case, from choosing the flooring to selecting the wall treatment, here are some ideas that might help you to create an attractive and very usable indoor patio.

The Floor - Have you selected a decorating theme for your indoor patio? If not, doing so before you proceed might be very helpful. For example, if you decide to establish a Mexican mood in the patio, selecting rustic wood or Saltillo tile might be a perfect choice for the floors. No matter what kind of theme you select, consider having concrete flooring where you can do faux painting or have professionals faux paint the floor. By doing so, your floors can have the appearance of things like marble, wood, or even intricate Italian tile. 

The Walls - Think about hiring a professional plastering contractor to plaster the walls of the patio you are enclosing. This will give you a great base for whatever you decide to do with your walls. For example, by giving you a very smooth plastered surface, your walls will be ready for a regular paint job or for something like wallpaper. For that matter, you might ask the plastering contractor to give the walls an uneven, rustic look which will add a bit of drama to the room. The plastering contractor will also paint the walls with whatever paint you select.

The Furniture - Again, this is where it will be helpful for you to select a theme for your enclosed patio. For example, if you have chosen a Mexican setting, think about buying wooden furniture that has wrought iron in the design. If you have selected a garden theme, think about choosing furniture with upholstery that has flowers and birds in the design pattern. For a beach mood, consider rattan furniture. Don't forget clever touches like an indoor swing or a hanging hammock. And, think about having a floor to ceiling shelf where you can display collectibles. 

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