Thinking Of Adding A Basement To Your Current Home? Do These Things To Get Started

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If you love your house that you live in, but it only has a crawl space or slab instead of a basement, you can get cost estimates to see what it would cost and take to get a basement created. If you can afford to stick this addition on to your home and you want to spend the money, this is a great way to get more living space and to improve your home value. Here are some of the things that you have to do if you are entertaining this idea, and if you think this will be a great option for your home.

See If the House Is Structurally Capable

You first have to see if the house is in good enough condition and strong enough to be lifted. The contractor will use a variety of support beams to help keep the house intact when they lift it from the foundation, and then they will have to keep it raised while they remove the existing slab and create the basement. A structural engineer can come in and let you know what needs to be done.

Get a Basement Contractor With Experience

Find a basement contractor that has experience building basements for homes that already exist. Get an estimate for the cost to build, and ask if there are any additional costs or concerns about working where the existing foundation was, or where the house is elevated. The contractor will talk with you about what the prep work will be, what materials they suggest for the foundation, how long it will take and what the cost will be.

Set a Budget and Get Financing

You will have to set a budget for the project, and then see if you can take out a home equity loan or get some other type of financing. Once your financing is approved or you realize how you want to pay for the addition, you can start putting deposits down with contractors and setting dates for the project.

If you think that the house you live in could be your forever home once you have a basement added to the property, and you would really benefit from having that extra space, you want to talk with a contractor to see what the cost will be and how much time it will take. Then set a date to create this great space and improve your home. To learn more, check out websites like

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