Three Building Steps In A Steep Backyard

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If you have a yard that has a bit of a hill to it, you may be concerned about your family walking around the edge of the hill. In order to make the rest of your yard accessible and make sure that everyone in your family is safe, you can install stairs set into the hill. Stairs that lead down to the lowest point of your backyard will make it easier to access each part of your yard. There are three crucial steps that you will need to consider when placing access stairs in your backyard. 

Dig a space for access

The first step towards creating stairs in the backyard is to dig a space to sit the stairs in. Depending on the width and size of your backyard, the steps may need to be curved. If the hill in your backyard is a short climb, the stairs can be straight. Have space dug out using an excavation tool in order to get through the hard soil towards the bottom layer of the ground. Remember to clear out a space large enough to place stairs and a proper railing in the event that you decide to carry items down the hill for use in your yard.  

Have a contractor install a railing

Railings will be especially important for stairs in the backyard. Since the steps will be exposed to the elements, snow, rain, and even soil can get on the stairs at any point during the day. This can lead to a hazard, especially for the elderly and children. Have a good railing installed on either side of the stairs so that those using the steps have something to safely keep their balance. The railing should be as weather resistant as possible so that it is not too hot in the summer or too cold to hold during the winter months. 

Have the concrete steps set in

Concrete steps are the best choice for a backyard hill. Concrete can last for a long time and they are cost-effective to install. A contractor can cut concrete slabs into the appropriate size to insert inside of your backyard. They can also pour concrete and pave the steps to make sure that they are the exact width and length that you desire. Once the steps are completely set, be sure to have the concrete sealed for weather resistance and for a long-lasting look. Consult with companies like Hardcore Concrete Cutting for more information.

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