3 Things To Do Prepare Your Concrete Steps For Resurfacing

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If your concrete steps are getting worn down and rough, and you want to change their appearance, resurfacing your concrete steps can be a smart step to make. Before you resurface your concrete steps, there are a few things that you need to do to get your steps ready as you wait for your stone delivery.

Get Rid of Debris

The first thing you need to do is get rid of any debris on your concrete steps. If there are loose pieces of concrete, pick them up and remove them. If they are kind of loose, see if you can loosen them up and remove them. If there are weeds growing up through your concrete sets, pull them up and get rid of them. Then you can sweep away any debris that remains.

Use Your Pressure Washer On Your Steps

Second, you need to then deep clean your steps. The best way to deep clean your steps is by using a pressure washer. Start at the top of your steps and work one step at a time, going from the sides down the middle. You want all of the dirt and debris to flow off of your steps. Using a pressure washer will help remove dirt that is really deep set in the concrete.

You want your concrete steps to be as clean as possible so that the new concrete your pour on top will stick well. The resurfacing job will go smoother if you clean your steps.

Tape Off Where You Don't Want Concrete

Next, you need to put painters tape where you don't want concrete. Painters tape is the best tape to use because you can easily pull it up and off when you are done with pouring the new concrete on your steps.

That includes the sides of the concrete steps and where your concrete connects with your home and patio. Basically, put painters tape on all nearby surfaces that you don't want concrete to drip onto by accident.

Fill in The Holes

Finally, you should fill in any large holes before you begin the overall resurfacing project. Take a small amount of concrete patch and apply it to the holes, filling them in and allowing the concrete to settle. Once the concrete settles, then you can mix more concrete and put down a new layer of concrete to refinish your steps.

Before you resurface your concrete steps, get your steps ready for a new layer of concrete. Clean your steps off so that they are no longer covered in dirt, which will help the new concrete adhere to your steps. Be sure to fill in any holes before you pour the new concrete and tape and cover up anywhere you don't want to get concrete. 

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