Choose An Outdoor Fireplace And Care For It

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If you enjoy spending nights relaxing outdoors on your patio, but have lately opted to stay indoors due to the brisk temperatures that you have encountered each evening, having an outdoor fireplace installed is a viable option that will make spending time outside comfortable. Before choosing to have a fireplace installed, consider the suggestions that follow to help you select and care for the new feature that you decide upon. 

Choose A Style That Complements Furnishings

Outdoor fireplaces come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and styles, making it possible for you to create a unique outdoor space that reflects your personality and preferences. Think about the furnishings that are currently on your patio and decide if you are going to continue using them or if you would like to invest in new furnishings prior to having the fireplace installed.

After making a decision on furniture, think about how you can complement the items with your new fireplace. For example, if your furnishings are a solid color and a fairly basic style, do not overpower them with a fireplace that has ornamental edges and that is encased with a bright-colored cover. Instead, choose a fireplace that is moderately sized, has a sleek shape, and that is constructed of materials that are a similar color to the color of the furniture. 

Consider Utilizing A Canopy Or Roof As Protection

Since your fireplace will be prone to moisture and high winds if it is not protected while outdoors, consider having the fireplace installed underneath a fire resistant canopy or roof. If you do not already have either of these coverings on your patio, choosing to invest in one will prevent your outdoor fireplace from becoming damaged soon after you have it installed. Another way for you to keep your new fireplace protected is by purchasing a flame retardant fitted cover that can be draped over the fireplace when it is not being used. 

Do Not Place Flammables Nearby, Use A Screen, And Clean The Fireplace

After purchasing an outdoor fireplace and having it installed, it is important to learn how your fireplace operates so that you can safely use it while outdoors. Ask the installation technician for some pointers and pay close attention to what they say. Read the manual that came with your fireplace, as well. Never place flammable items near the fireplace and always secure a screen to the front of the fireplace. Clean the inside of the outdoor feature after each use to prevent the buildup of soot. 

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