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If you have an existing concrete driveway or sidewalk on your property that is looking aged and out of sorts, there are a few things you can do about it. Of course, you will first want to repair any cracks in the concrete. Then, you can clean the surface before adding a tint that will help to hide the cracks and give your concrete a fresh new look. This article explains the process and what tools and supplies are going to work best for you.

Filling the Cracks

Concrete crack filler is affordable and easy to use. You can buy it at most home improvement stores and all you need is a putty knife to apply it. The basic process is to clean out the crack, squeeze the filler directly into it, and then wipe away any extra crack filler with a putty knife. When filling concrete cracks, you just want to fill the crack up to the top of the existing surface. That is, trying to keep the crack filler off of the top of concrete.

Clean the Concrete

Once all of your cracks are filled and dry, you can clean your entire concrete slab using pressure washers and/or scrubbers. You don't need to necessarily use any special cleaning liquids, but you just want to create a surface that is evenly clean and ready for the application of the tint. If you applied your crack filler correctly, it won't get damaged when you clean the surface.

Applying a Tint

Applying a concrete tint can help to hide blemishes, cover cracks, and add some style to your concrete. Many people add a tint that looks great with the existing walls on their home. Even a subtle tint can add a new dynamic to your concrete. It is a cheap and easy way to improve the style of any concrete surface. The actual application of the tint is messy but really simple. You just spread it onto the concrete and let it soak into the concrete as it dries. If you current concrete has a glazed or burned finish, it might not absorb the new tint. Concrete tint works best on raw concrete.

As you can see, the process is a little time consuming. It will take a couple of days when you factor in drying times. However, the labor is not particularly difficult or technical, so it is a great DIY project. For more information, contact companies like Mershon Concrete.

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