A Guide To Concrete Textures And Finishes

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If you are pouring concrete for the sidewalks and driveways on your property, you have a lot to consider. The cheapest option is raw concrete. This is the stuff that looks gray, has a flat finish, and generally doesn't have any style to it. But, there are quite a few ways to add some style to any piece of concrete on your property. This article explains the beauty of adding a textured finish to concrete.

Have a Pro Do the Work

First of all, applying a textured finish is a specialized skill that not all concrete contractors have the ability to do. So, you want to see samples of their work and get an idea of which finishes they can best create. There are going to be a lot of concrete contractors who can handily pour normal Portland cement, but finding a specialist who can do tinted, glazed, and custom finishes might take a little bit of research. Of course, it is also going to cost you a little more money. However, even a subtle tint and texture on your concrete can add so much style to it and make it look a lot classier.

Texture Options

The most popular textures are those that make your concrete look like real stone or tile. That is, they have fake grout lines that make it look like your concrete is made out of smaller pieces that are laid similar to a traditional tile surface. Of course, concrete will still be one solid color, and the texture will be the same on the entire surface. It is really just creating the illusion of tile and grout. Nonetheless, it is a popular look that will definitely make your concrete stand out.

Smooth Finishes

One of the most important things to consider is the final smoothness of your finish. That is, raw concrete is very porous, so it is rougher. However, you can choose a smoother finish that doesn't have such large pores and feels much smoother. There are different techniques that can create this look. In general, you have the option of a glazed or burned finish. A glazed finish is basically when the contractor adds an extra layer of a clear sealant on top of the concrete after it is dry. A burnt finish is basically a special finishing technique that makes the concrete smoother and shinier. This burn is applied while the concrete is drying.

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