Interested In Finishing Your Basement But Worried About Water? What To Know First

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If you are looking to finish your basement but you are wondering how you can dry to keep the space from getting damp or water damage, and how much you should spend, there are some things that you want to take into consideration. There are items that you want to have, and things you want to do before you pay to have materials installed in the space.

Prep Before You Finish

You want to prep the concrete and space properly before you finish. This means you want to waterproof the walls in the space to stop moisture from getting in, and the floors as well. Make sure that you have the proper sub pump installed in the space, and that it drains and works properly with a backup power source to keep the space free of water.

Use Water Resistant Materials

Be smart and use water-resistant materials wherever you can. This means porcelain or tile floors, these can be made to look like wood or concrete. Brick or tile on the walls instead of drywall can also be beneficial if something happens and the basement does flood. This can reduce destruction and damage costs if water gets inside in the future.

A humidification system for the basement is ideal. Air purification machines are also helpful to stop odors and toxins from becoming a problem in the space.

Don't Overspend

You don't want to stick more money into the basement than you'll get back out of it. This means, use cost-efficient materials that are reliable and modern, but don't go with all high-end options. If you have to sell or get your house appraised, you don't want it to be worth less than what you have into it, because you decided to go with top of the line carpeting, cabinets or other things.

If you have water concerns because there have been past problems in the basement, but you want to finish the space and make it a livable option for your family, then you want to do all of these things. You want to find a professional basement waterproofing company that can help you finish the basement on a budget, but with all of the features that you want so it can be the fun and entertaining recreational space that you imagine. Taking precautions before finishing the space can help prevent water damage problems and other concerns in the future.

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