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Demolition work on concrete inside of your home is quite a project. It is messy and physically exhausting, so you need to do what you can to reduce the mess and make the job as easy as possible. Most importantly, you need to rent a jackhammer that enables you to break up the majority of the concrete. This article gives you a basic list of tools and supplies you need in order to demolish concrete in an interior setting. When doing demo work on the inside of your home, you need to take special precautions. That is, you want to use the most powerful tools possible, but you also need to think about the mess they create.

Using a Jackhammer

For instance, heavy duty, hydraulic jackhammers can create a massive mess. They are also very loud and harder to use in interiors. This is why most professionals will use electric jackhammers when doing work inside a building. They are just more convenient, more mobile, lighter, and easier to operate. You will sacrifice a little bit of power, but this is OK because interior concrete is bound to be a little lighter and thinner. That is, you will have less concrete that you actually need to break up.

Prep Work

You also need to do a fair amount of preparation work before you can jackhammer inside a building. That is, you want to reduce the mess as well as possible. Investing in large rolls of painters plastic will enable you to contain the dust from jackhammering. It is best to mask off your walls, and any surface you don't want to get dust all over.

Handling the Work

Any demo job is going to require a few helpers. One of the hardest parts is actually transporting the broken up concrete out of your house. If you have to go up or down stairs, using a wheelbarrow is not going to be practical. So, you will have to carry most of it out by hand. 5 gallon buckets are a good size for caring concrete debris, but anything bigger than is too heavy to carry by one person.

It is easy and affordable to rent a jackhammer. You will only need it for a couple of days. However, you might need a couple extra days to actually transport the concrete out of your building. No matter how you look at it, the labor is going to be intense and tiring, but it is much easier if you do the right prep work and have the right tools. To learn more about concrete demolition, contact a business such as National Concrete Cutting.  

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