Why Lifting Your Sunken Driveway Might Be Better Than A Driveway Replacement

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If part of your concrete driveway is sinking, you might think you have to have the driveway replaced, or at least tear out and replace the sunken area. However, it might be possible to lift the sunken concrete. A concrete contractor can let you know if this is possible. Here's why concrete lifting could be a better solution than replacing part of your driveway.

You'll Save Money

Concrete lifting is less expensive than replacing part of your driveway for a few reasons. For one, lifting is less labor-intensive and takes less time so you save on labor cost. Plus, there is no need to bust up or saw out part of the slab. Because of that, there's no added cost for hauling away and disposing of the concrete.

The Process Repairs As It Lifts

Another benefit of lifting is that it repairs the void under the concrete that caused your driveway to sink. Concrete is lifted when a material such as cement slurry or expanding foam is injected under the slab. The material fills the void, stabilizes the soil, and then hardens in place to support the driveway.

If you have the sunken area of your driveway cut out and replaced instead, the contractor has to repair the base first by building it up and compacting it so the new slab won't sink too.

You Can Use Your Driveway In Hours

You don't have to wait for concrete to cure before you use your driveway when you have it lifted. You can walk on your driveway immediately, and you'll be able to drive your car on it within a matter of hours. If you replace the damaged area and have new concrete poured instead, you won't be able to use that part of the driveway for a few days.

Lifting Doesn't Change Surface Color

One bad thing about replacing part of your driveway is that the new concrete is a different color than the rest of your driveway that's been subjected to traffic and weather over the years. That can make your driveway unattractive.

Lifting doesn't affect the surface of your driveway, and since it's the same slab, there is no color difference. It's necessary to drill a few holes in the concrete so the slurry or foam can be pumped in, but the holes are patched when the work is complete, and they aren't too noticeable.

There might be a reason your driveway isn't suitable for lifting, but if it is, you'll save money and have the work finished faster than if you have part of your driveway torn out and replaced.


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