Three Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Residential Concrete Pumping Services

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Contrary to popular belief, concrete pumps are not only applicable in large scale commercial construction projects. Nowadays, even small scale residential construction projects such as swimming pools and driveways are making use of concrete pumping services to ease the work and have the construction done quickly.

If you are planning any residential construction on your property involving concrete, here are three reasons you should consider hiring residential concrete pumping services.

Faster Concrete Pouring

Traditionally, small scale residential construction projects utilized wheelbarrows and shovels for pouring concrete. This type of concrete pouring takes up a lot of time because the workers have to scoop the concrete from the mixing area and load it into wheelbarrows, then transport it over a small distance to pour it. Considering a wheelbarrow can only carry a limited amount of concrete, the workers waste a lot of time moving back and forth to get and pour concrete respectively.

However, you can minimize the amount of time taken to pour concrete with a concrete pump. Residential concrete pumping services offer a better solution for pouring concrete because the concrete pump utilizes tubes and pipes to pour concrete. Hence, there is no need to carry the concrete around in wheelbarrows because all you have to do is direct the concrete pump's tube/pipe where you want the concrete poured, and you are done.

Therefore, residential concrete pumping services make work easier and make the concrete pouring take up less time than manual concrete pouring. Since it takes less time to pour concrete using a concrete pump, it means you get to complete the construction project a lot quicker.

Minimal Labor Costs

Traditionally, concrete pouring involves hiring multiple workers to spread out the poured concrete using rakes and shovels. Unfortunately, this leads to homeowners incurring hefty wage bills because of the multitude of workers. Additionally, pouring and spreading concrete using shovels and rakes is also a time-consuming endeavor, and hence, the total amount of hours charged by the workers is usually high.

However, if you opt for a residential concrete pumping service, not only do you save time, but you also save money. Concrete pumps can pour concrete at an even rate, and hence there is no need to rake the poured concrete to make it even. Therefore, with a concrete pump, there is no need to hire many workers, and thus, you get to save money on labor costs.

Zero Wastage and Contamination of Concrete

When using wheelbarrows and shovels to pour concrete, a lot of it gets wasted along the way during loading and pouring. Additionally, the concrete is exposed to contamination by dirt and water, affecting the uniformity of the concrete mixture.

Utilizing residential concrete pumping services can eliminate the possibility of the concrete getting wasted or contaminated. Concrete pumps are often automated or remote-controlled, and hence, the level of precision used in pouring the concrete eliminates any wastage.

Additionally, concrete pumps are attached to concrete mixers. This means that the concrete gets poured directly from the mixing drum, and the concrete is not exposed to any contaminating agents.

For more information about residential concrete pumping, contact a concrete contractor in your area.

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