How An Asphalt Paving Contractor Might Repair Or Replace Your Driveway When It Has Poor Drainage

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When your asphalt driveway has crumbled asphalt and sunken areas that hold water, it could be time to have a new driveway put in. Repairs might be possible, but when there are problems with the base, the old asphalt usually has to be taken out so the base can be built back up before new asphalt is put down. Here's how an asphalt paving contractor might deal with your driveway when it shows signs of problems with the base.

Improve Drainage

The cause of the sunken area needs to be determined, and the problem is often poor drainage. The drainage issue has to be fixed before the asphalt is repaired or your new driveway might develop the same problem. You might need a drain put in your yard to collect water and point it away from the driveway. The contractor might solve the problem by correcting the slope of the driveway when the new asphalt is applied.

Rebuild The Base

If the drainage problem and sunken area is at the foot of your driveway or located in another isolated area, then repairs might be possible. However, if the base has widespread damage, the entire base might have to be rebuilt. That process starts with removing all of the old asphalt by breaking it up and hauling it away.

Add New Asphalt

If repairs are possible, the asphalt paving contractor may only remove the old, crumbled asphalt above the sunken area. Then spot repairs to the base might be possible, after which new asphalt can be poured on and patched into the rest of your driveway.

If an entirely new base has to be put in, then you'll be getting all new asphalt, and when the asphalt paving contractor is finished, you'll have a new driveway that should last for many years.

Repair Other Cracks

If your driveway has potholes or cracks in it, the paving contractor will probably repair those when repairing the sunken area. If cracks aren't filled in, rain will seep through them and get into the new base. Eventually, this could cause the new base to fail, or at the least, it could cause the cracks to get bigger and the damage to your driveway to get worse.

With all the cracks and crumbles repaired and the drainage of your driveway improved, your driveway will have an improved appearance and the threat to the base will be eliminated so you don't have to worry every time it rains. However, to have ongoing protection over the years, you'll want to keep up with filling cracks to keep out the rain.

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