Pouring Concrete In Hard To Reach Spots On Your Property

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Many different projects you may want to do around your home or property use concrete, but in some situations, it is problematic to get a concrete truck to the area when the concrete is needed. You could move the concrete manually with wheelbarrows or a small tractor, but residential concrete pumping can make the process easier and save time. 

Concrete Pumping Equipment 

Residential concrete pumping services use large trucks with a boom arm and a special pump to move concrete to your pour site. The operator can manipulate the boom arm to reach areas that might not otherwise be possible and avoid obstacles on the property. 

Residential concrete pumping trucks vary in size, but there are trucks large enough to reach over the top of a residential home and pour concrete in the backyard if necessary. The residential concrete pumping service will often look at a property and job before the pour date to determine the truck they need and where they can position it when the time comes to pour the concrete. 

If the property has a lot of powerlines running over it, the pumping truck may need to be large enough to reach over them as well. The operator must still be extremely careful to position the boom safely and allow the movement necessary to pour the concrete on the site. 

Site Obstacles 

Residential concrete pumping can be beneficial when a truck can not drive across the property. A home with a residential septic system buried in the area where the concrete truck would pass over is a good candidate for pumping. 

The weight of the concrete truck would potentially damage the septic system, but using a pumping service allows the trucks to empty the concrete into the pumper, and the operator can use the arm to reach over the area without any trucks crossing the property. Many times the entire operation is done from the road in front of the house, a driveway along one side, or a part of the property that is safe to position the pumping truck on. 

Working on a construction site for a new home can offer some challenges like mud or rutted areas that are also hard to drive over. New landscaping in the yard is also protected by keeping the concrete delivery trucks on the road, and using the residential concrete pumping service can also save a lot of time, and while the cost may be higher than concrete delivery alone, the potential savings from avoiding damage to anything on the property could make the expense worthwhile in the long run. 

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