How to Repair Your Uneven Concrete Garage Floor

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If you have an uneven concrete garage floor, it can be dangerous and annoying, and it can even damage your vehicle. Fortunately, you can repair your garage floor easily. Repairing your garage floor can be done in different ways, depending on how severe the damage is. Here is a look at different repair options and determine which is the best way to fix your uneven concrete garage floor.


Grinding is the remedy to small bumps or raised sections on your garage floor. This process involves the use of a horizontal walk-behind concrete grinder that grinds down the raised portions of the garage floor. It's an effective solution for smoothing out the surface of a concrete floor. But keep in mind that grinding down too much of the garage floor can damage the integrity of the entire structure. Hire a professional to grind down your garage floor for you to ensure the best results.


Mudjacking is an ideal solution for areas of your garage floor that have sunken down. This process includes drilling a small hole into the sunken portion of your garage floor, followed by the injection of a special cement mixture through the hole. The result is a lifted garage floor that rests upon a durable and strong foundation. Mudjacking is an affordable and long-standing solution that works best for small sections of the garage floor.


If your garage floor is severely cracked, chipped, or damaged, you may want to consider resurfacing. This process includes removing the top layer of the damaged garage floor and filling it with a new layer of concrete. Resurfacing can be done by professionals who will apply a thin layer of overlay to restore the overall look of your garage floor. It's an excellent option for people looking to remodel their entire garage floor or repair damaged sections.


Replacement is the only solution for severely damaged or cracked garage floors, and it's the most costly. If your garage floor has deep cracks that greatly affect the functionality of your garage, full replacement is necessary. But keep in mind that it can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

At the end of the day, the best way to repair your uneven concrete garage floor depends on your needs. Grinding, mudjacking, and resurfacing are great options for fixing less severe damage, but for areas with serious, extensive damage, replacement may be the best solution. Remember, preventive maintenance is a great, cost-effective way to keep your garage floor in good condition, so don’t hesitate to take preventative actions to avoid serious concrete damage.

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